Sunday, June 28, 2009


We love to read at our house! Storytime is (usually) one of my favorite parts of each day. we have hundreds (or more?) of children's books and we regularly check out a bunch from the library as well. I thought I'd record some of the girls' favorite books right now, so I have a record.

Michelle is currently in a Junie B. Jones phase. She loves Junie B. (This happens to be one of my least favorites...primarily due to the fact that Junie has terrible grammar, it makes me cringe... but young kids can definitely relate to her). So we've read the first 3 books and then two more that come later in the series. Tomorrow, we will start another one.

Both girls, but especially Ella, love Fancy Nancy. Fancy Nancy is a little girl who loves to be fancy. She loves to dress fancy, she loves fancy words (which makes me love her!), and she loves all things fancy. I love her use of words and my princesses love her fancy dog, fancy clothes, etc. We've read 6 or 7 of the books about Fancy Nancy.

If you have girls, you have to read Pinkalicious, Purplicious and now Goldilicious. Pinkalicious is a little girl who loves pink...until someone tells her pink is only for babies. Then she doesn't know what to do... until she learns that pink is a powerful color. In the newest book, Pinkalicious now has an imaginary friend, an amazing gold unicorn. My girls love Pinkalicious and were very upset when kids teased her and told her that black was the new cool color.

Tonight we just read a new book from the library that I think may become a new favorite. It is called, If I Built A Car by Chris Van Dusen. It is told in rhyme and is about the super cool car that a little boy would build...this car is awesome (and I'm not a car person). It can fly, float on water, go underwater like a submarine, has a built in robot to drive when you need a nap (How handy would that be?), has a pool and fixes you food. I think I'm in love...with the car and with the little boy's ingenuity.

Having just finished kindergarten, one of Michelle's favorites of the year were the Miss Bindergarten books. They are all cute and clever books with one "child" for every letter of the alphabet.

One more new (to us) book from the library that I have to mention: Mark Teague is an illustrator I love. My girls love the How Do Dinosaurs books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague. And for my third graders, I love Dear. Mrs. LaRue and Detective LaRue. So when I was browsing shelves and saw his book, Pigsty, I decided to check it out. It is too cute! A little boy is told by his mom to clean his room, because it is a "pigsty." In fact, when he goes upstairs, there is a pig in his room. He decides he likes the pig there and decides not to clean his room. But when more pigs come, he finally decides he doesn't want to live in a pigsty. Clever and with Teague's great illustrations, this is a fun book and my girls were grossed out by how messy his room was. This was a great find.

I could probably talk about many other books that my kids love, because as I said, we love books. But there are a few that we are enjoying right now.