Thursday, June 18, 2009

ten months

June 11, 2009
It's nearly impossible to believe but Gabrielle is now 10 months old. She continues to delight us with her smile (still only 2 teeth) and laugh. She is still such a sweet, content but now very active baby.

Cute story: One day, Gabrielle was standing up at the back screen door. Chester came over and was licking her hand through the screen door. I ran to grab my camera, because I thought it was the cutest, sweetest thing ever. Come closer with my camera and realize that somehow Gabrielle had found a Hershey's kiss which she had eaten (wrapper and all) and she had chocolate on her hands and face. Chester wasn't being sweet (although he is a sweet dog and Gabrielle does love him)... HE was trying to lick the chocolate off her!!!

Let's see... as I mentioned in my last post, she is climbing up stairs, standing alone, cruising and crawling. She'll walk if she's holding onto you but not quite ready to take steps independently (which is okay by me...).

She also says, "mama", "dada", "Uh-oh" and what sounds like "Ella". She waves, and claps and plays peekaboo. In fact, she LOVES peekaboo. She especially likes it if either you hide on the stairs and pop up (over and over and over....) or if she uses a table or the bench in church to pop up over and over to play with you.

Oh, and I mustn't forget. She loves to dance. I mean she loves to dance. IT is so cute. If you sing or put music on, she bounces up and down and moves her little body all around and swivels her head. I wish I had a video to post on here because it is the cutest thing ever. And she has rhythm. She is a doll, and we are so blessed to have her in our family.