Monday, April 25, 2011

Because we love you...

Daddy will stop at 3 different Redboxes to rent Tron Legacy for us to watch as a family.

Mommy will make you practice piano and violin and complete your homework.

We take you to church each Sunday and do our best to teach you to love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Daddy built you a mini-tree house and put up a zipline.

Mommy wakes up early enough to fix a hot breakfast almost every morning.

We make you pick up after yourselves and do a few basic chores around the house.

Daddy does home repairs, cares for our dog, and plays outside with you.

Mommy reads you stories, takes your pictures, writes this blog and plays games with you.

We both work hard to support the family, we take you on trips, and do numerous things each day to make you happy, healthy, and safe.

Always and forever, we love you and are grateful to have you each in our life!