Saturday, April 23, 2011

Books about Music

To celebrate Michelle's progress in violin (she's learning so much!!) and the beginning of Ella and Michelle taking piano lessons, and because I love books so much (and because it was the theme last month for a group I belong to on Goodreads), here is a list of some great picture books about music.

Music, Music for Everyone by Vera Williams. This is a sequel to A Chair for My Mother. Now the narrator's grandma is sick and there is no extra money in their jar. But she and her friends come up with a great way to earn some money... they form a band to play at special ocassions. Her music cheers up her grandma, makes a special anniversary more wonderful and earns some money to put in the jar.

Ben's Trumpet by Rachel Isadora. Ben loves to listen to the jazz music, especially the trumpet. One of the jazz players helps him to ge a trumpet of his own. Gabby loved this story and was soon pointing to and naming the instruments.

Zin, Zin the Violin by Lloyd Moss. This is told in rhymes. It includes some good music vocabulary and introduces ten different instruments in the orchestra. Gabby loved this story also, but even though it was about a violin (and other instruments), I could not get Michelle or Ella to listen to it. They thought it was a little boring. I liked the whimsical illustrations.

Handel: Who Knew What He Liked by M.T. Anderson. I thought this was an interesting, well-written biography of Handel. It included some interesting things about his life and it all tied into his strong knowledge about himself...knowing what he liked. Very interesting and great illustrations.

The Little Piano Girl: The Story of Mary Lou Williams, Jazz Legend
In many ways Mary Lou Williams had a difficult childhood but she was an amazing piano player, naturally gifted. I'll admit I'd never heard of her but really enjoyed learning about her and her life.

The Bat Boy and His Violin by Gavin Curtis. I really liked this fictional story of a young boy who loves to play the violin. His father wants him to play baseball and doesn't really approve of him playing the violin...until his violin playing helps the team become more successful.

Marsupial Sue by John Lithgow isn't about music, but it's a cute story/song about a kangaroo who doesn't like doing what kangaroos do...until she learns that being yourself is the best thing to be.