Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter festivities

We had some fun with Easter festivities at our house and at a park with cousins. But I did try to instill in my children why we celebrate Easter. I think it worked a little with my two bigger girls, but not with Gabby. Today in the car, I said something about Easter. Then she shouted happily, "Easter is for eggs." I said that we do hunt for eggs but that the holiday is about Jesus and his resurrection. She told me emphatically, "NO! Easter is eggs." Hopefully the lessons will sink in as she gets a little older.

Here are photos of our Easter festivities:
Dying Easter eggs. Notice that Gabby's hands are dyed at least as much as the eggs are. :)

Gabby got a little upset when the Easter eggs had all been dyed.

Easter egg hunt in our backyard with friends Max and Annie:

Easter baskets:

A fun holiday, all in all.