Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Cabin and The Lake

We went with some friends to their cabin. We headed up Friday afternoon. The cabin was beautiful and had a pool, tvs, a playstation, a tennis court and a swingset. The kids had a ball playing on the playground and Alfredo had fun playing tennis with Justin. We got pizza for dinner and relaxed.

Saturday morning we got up, ate breakfast and then got ready to head out on the lake. It was a beautiful day...perfect weather. What a fun time! It has been about 11 years since I was on a boat, and I'd forgotten how nice it is. I tried wake boarding...but was no good...never even got up.

The best part was they had a huge tube called a molecule that we could ride on. Alfredo and I loved it. Michelle and Ella liked it a lot too.

We had a barbecue Saturday evening and then the kids went swimming in their indoor pool.

The only bad part was I didn't apply sunscreen often enough and got a bad sunburn...ouch!

Gabby became buddies with Oaklie, while Ella and especially Michelle had fun playing with Asher. Gabby was a little unsure about the boat at first and she didn't like the molecule at all. But I think even she had a good time, because she's talked about the lake ever since.

Ella, reminiscing, "When I was swimming, I jumped into the pool without a life jacket and I almost drowneded (her word), but my dad grabbed me and I didn't. When we were on the boat,I was scared to go on the tube but I tried it and it was fun! Oh, and, I liked going on their swing set. And I liked my bedroom."

I asked Michelle, "What was the best part of going to the cabin?" Her response: "Swimming pool. Going on the lake with the boat. The tube was so awesome because you got to go so fast."

It was fun to get to know Justin's family better. I'd only met his wife once, and I worried that maybe we wouldn't have much to talk about. She is very into fitness and eating right and I was afraid we wouldn't have much in common. But she was great! On the way home, Alfredo and I were talking about it and I commented that we got alog really well but she was probably more adventurous than me...he laughed and said she'd said that she thought I was more adventurous than her since I loved the molecule so much. :)
Alfredo said that is his style of camping...which isn't camping at all. :)