Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hogle Zoo

Two weeks ago, we went to Hogle Zoo. I hadn't taken the kids for over a year, and we decided it was time. So I renewed our membership and we headed over for a day of fun.

Right now, the zoo has dinosaurs on display. Michelle and Ella thought they were very cool. Gabby thought they were terrifying. One of the dinosaurs sprays you and the T-Rex roars...she thought both were absolutely frightening.

The leopard was up and prowling right by the glass which was fun to see. And the zookeepers were feeding the elephants, so the baby was down in the water grabbing bread with her long trunk. She is so cute. And of course we saw the monkeys, which are my personal favorite.

But the girls all loved the bird show and Gabby talks about it almost daily...she loved the owls and hawks that swooped down right over our heads and she loved the parrots and macaws with their bright feathers...especially the one that talked and sang "I left my heart in San Francisco". And Michelle and Ella got a kick out of the zookeepers explaining that thanks to the birds, there are no more mice around the zoo...just as a trio of mice ran behind the zookeeper's back. :) The crow will fly to your arm to take a $5 or $1 donation and put it in the donation box, then give you a coupon for a train ride. (Although the crow was not feeling super cooperative that took some convincing to get him to cooperate. Apparently the day before someone had not followed the rule to not have food out and the crow had found some crackers. He was hoping we were a disobedient bunch as well, but no such luck!)

Summer is turning out to be so much fun this year!! Really loving being home with my kids...and knowing that my summer is not quite half over (instead of only having 2-3 more weeks off). We've had barbecues and dinners with friends, had friends over to play almost every day and gone to the zoo, parks and other fun locations. Plus still lots more to do before the summer is over. And my kids really are at such fun ages now!