Thursday, July 7, 2011

park visits

During the summer, we go to the park quite a bit. The girls like to play as well as ride their bikes. Sometimes we go to the nearby park for the free summer lunches and eat lunch with friends. Sometimes we head to parks a little farther away.

We've been to Sugarhouse Park (although, I think it was back in May!) and to a park in Riverton. Both times the kids brought along a couple of friends.

Sugarhouse Park was fun because there was a family of geese with 17 babies... I kid you not, 17 baby geese born to 1 mom (glad I'm not a goose!). And she was mighty protective of her babies. There were also some baby ducks. The kids enjoyed feeding the ducks and geese as well as playing on the park equipment.

The park in Riverton has water that shoots up. We picked a warm day and headed there...but wouldn't you know it, the water play area was closed for construction. At least the sprinklers were on so the kids could still get wet!