Friday, July 1, 2011

Free Fun!

There's not much better in life than having fun with your family and friends for free! And once a year, we are able to have a superbly fun day at Lagoon with Alfredo's admission, free lunch, and so much fun! Lagoon is fun, but it's even better when surrounded by so many friends and cousins. We can split up easily and send the kids to ride the rides they'll enjoy with their friends and then meet up to ride some rides all together. This year, the kids were having so much fun that we stayed until after 10 PM. And Ella was brave. She rode the Ladybug Bop and a couple of other rides that scare her... We also spent more than an hour at Lagoon-A-Beach. Gabby loved the swings that swing you into water. Michelle loved the water slides (and so did I!) Ella enjoyed sharing a funnel cake with her cousins. The whole day was pretty much perfect.

Gabby was not so sure whether she liked these swings or not...but fortunately, distraction worked and she was soon smiling because I would try to grab her leg and "get her."

Gabby didn't want to leave the sand pit next to Lagoon-a-Beach. She could have played there for hours, I think.