Monday, July 11, 2011

Oregon--Day 3

On Sunday morning, we got up and got ready to head to Portland. It was a beautiful drive...mostly through Mount Hood National Forest. Absolutely beautiful. It was kind of cool to see the sign that we were at the 45th Parallel, halfway between the equator and the North Pole. I remember learning about that in school, so it was fun to be there.

Once we got to Portland, we drove to Washington Park. It is huge and there is a lot to do there (zoo, gardens, museums, etc.). Alfredo went to park the car and was going to meet us at the beautiful Japanese Gardens. But somehow I missed the entrance and kept walking and walking...finally I decided I had gone too far...but by the time I turned around and found where it was, it had been so long that I decided not to go in because I was sure Alfredo would already have left. Which turned out to be true. After the kids said a little prayer we headed to the rose garden and fairly quickly found Alfredo (Thank goodness for prayer since I don't have a cell phone and the rose garden is big and there were a million people there!) So we walked around the rose garden together, happy to be reunited. He really loved the Japanese gardens and they look gorgeous from the photos. THe girls really liked seeing so many different many colors, types, sizes. They giddily danced from flower to flower, smelling and gazing and taking it all in.

Then after a quick dinner we headed to Multnoma Falls. The falls are quite big and absolutely gorgeous. We took the short hike (walk) that takes you halfway up, but decided not to go the full 7 mile hike to take us to the top...don't think the kids would make it without a lot of crying/whining/carrying. But it was absolutely beautiful. We all loved the feeling of the water spraying on your face as the wind blew it towards you. It was interesting to read that large pieces of rock often fall down from behind the waterfall. On Labor Day about 15 years ago (I can't remember the exact year, a bus sized piece of rock fell. So they don't let you get too close...but close enough to enjoy its beauty and majesty. What a beautiful world we live in!

Then we drove along the Columbia River, just enjoying the view...the River, the trees, the flowers. We got out for a bit and let the kids play in the river. What a perfect day!!!