Sunday, January 15, 2012


My mom took Suzy, the girls and I to the MIM...the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. It hasn't been open for very long and she thought the older girls would really enjoy it. She was right! It was so very cool. They had displays from each country, organized by continent. You wore a little headset and as you approached a display, a video would be playing of natives of that country and you could hear them singing and playing the instruments as you watched the video. It was very cool. There were so many instruments...some that were familiar and some that we'd never seen or heard of before.

Michelle enjoyed seeing the violins and similar instruments from around the world. It was also fun to see instruments from countries where my students are from. The girls were disappointed because both Costa Rica's and El Salvador's displays were very small with signs saying that the museum was looking for more instruments from these countries.

The best part of all was the room where children (and adults) were allowed to try out some of the instruments. Although it was a little loud in there. We think it would have been even better if either it was in several sound proof rooms or if after each continent you went into a small room where you could try out a few instruments from that continent... but we all had a fun time trying out the instruments.

There was also a display with information about a number of famous musicians.

It really was a neat museum. I think in another several years I would like to go back (when Gabby is a bit bigger) and spend more time there.

Who hasn't wanted to try hitting a gigantic gong?!

There were guitars, a harp, drums, gongs, xylophones, rhythm instruments (maracas, rain sticks, and others), and other instruments for us to all try out!