Sunday, January 29, 2012

photo shoot funnies

Yesterday we had family photos taken by Aubrie, who was one of my Beehives 9 years ago...and who was a Laurel when I was in young womens again a few years ago. She is now married and takes photos part time.

A couple of funny things happened while we were taking our photos. First, we sat down on a grassy area, and right after I sat down, Alfredo was about to sit when he said he thought there was dog poop where I was sitting. We looked and sure enough I was sitting on poop, with my hand in it. Gross. But funny, because it happened to me. I am seriously so clumsy and unaware. That same morning I had seen a quote on Facebook that I'm going to adopt as my new excuse: "I'm not clumsy. It's just the floor hates me, the tables and chairs are bullies and the wall gets in the way." So of course, if someone was going to plop down in dog poop, it would be me. Ah well. We have a glass table in our living room and when we've had toddlers, others have worried that they would fall and get hurt on our table. You know, each one of our kids fell into or bumped into their table once or twice and then they learned it was there and never really bumped into it again. But we've had it for 10 1/2 years, and wouldn't you know that I still bump into it at least once a month.

After we were done taking pictures, Michelle wanted to play on the playground for a few minutes. Ella and Gabby were cold and didn't want to. So I walked them back to the car and was going to drive over to pick Michelle and Alfredo up at the playground. It was less than 5 minutes that Michelle played there, but when I picked them up, Michelle told me she'd made a friend. It was a boy, and "he was cute" she said. Alfredo told me that he and the mom had been laughing because after just a couple of minutes of playing, the little boy invited her to come over to his house. If they weren't so young, it totally seemed like he was picking up on her...and she liked him too. Thank goodness they are still young and it was innocent, but boy is she growing up too fast!