Monday, January 23, 2012


I've said it before, but I really love teaching the Sunbeams.

The first month of a new year is kind of rough. They are not used to being in Primary. They are used to playing, not sitting still. And my own 3 year old is in my class and wants my attention. In fact, she was very upset about me being her teacher. Her cute best friend Sofie was so excited that I would be her teacher, but Gabby kept saying that she did NOT want me to be her teacher. Finally, on the first Sunday, Gabby said something like... "I want you to still be my mommy, not be my teacher." Somehow in her mind, she thought she would just see me at church (like her nursery teachers) and that she'd have a different mommy, or something. :) Sweet girl. I hope now that she's realizing that I can do both, she'll be a little happier. Yesterday it certainly seemed like it.

Yesterday, in sacrament meeting, one of my darling Sunbeams was sitting in front of me. She's been pretty lukewarm toward me so far and hasn't been too excited about Primary...or at least about sharing time. But yesterday, she kept turning around during sacrament meeting and holding my hand and smiling at me. Then the last 10 or 15 minutes, she came and sat on my lap. She is darling. As I sat there, holding her, I felt how lucky I am to have this calling. It seems like only with the very youngest kids do you get to go to church and have someone telling you they love you (and then crawling up on your lap). I think perhaps I benefit more from being around them than they do from the lessons I teach them. I love their sweet spirits, their purity, their love, their sweet smiles. It brightens my day to see the cute kids in my class now and to see the darling ones from my class last year. You can't help but love them. What a blessing it is! It is truly no wonder the Savior loved little children so much!