Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best Neighborhood Ever

Seriously, I truly think I live in the best neighborhood ever! I have such great neighbors. People help each other. My children have good friends. I feel safe (despite the fact that I live on the West Side).

(That reminds me of a funny story. Near the end of last year, one of my students asked me where I live. I told them. Several students said, "Ooh, you live there?" Inside I wanted to say, "Do you know where YOU live? Your area is way worse than mine." But I didn't. I just kindly replied that I really liked where I live and that while there are bad neighborhoods in my city, my neighborhood is great, and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. And politely explained that it isn't good manners to say rude things about where a person lives.)

Anyway, back to how awesome my neighborhood is. There are constant proofs of this, but I had a few more on Halloween. A dear friend invited our family over for dinner. Yummy! Then a group of us went trick-or-treating together.

I have an awesome neighbor that decorates his garage and passes out popcorn. In years past it has been a whole spook alley and they've had popcorn and cotton candy. My younger two appreciated the scaled down version, although Michelle was disappointed to not have a whole spook alley. Either way, they are awesome.

Another neighbor makes scones and hot chocolate for all of the trick-or-treaters. It is my favorite stop on our trick or treating rounds. There is no way we miss thier house! They are the best!

I love trick or treating around the neighborhood and running into my cute Sunbeams in their costumes. I love bumping into other friends and neighbors as we're making our rounds. I love that so many of the people I see, I know. I did not grow up here like so many of my friends. My family doesn't live nearby. But this is definitely home.

Such a fun Halloween!