Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Proud Mommy Moment

A moment I wasn't even there for, but that still makes me sooo happy.

Last Thursday, I went to book club. Alfredo took the girls out for some Daddy-Daughter time while I was gone. His plan was to get some food and then take them to the dollar movies. As they were eating, he told them to eat quickly so they could make it to the movie on time. Michelle said, "Um, what time does the movie start?" Alfredo told her 7:30. She said, "So, it won't be over until after 9 PM?" He nodded in agreement. Michelle said she didn't think they should go, because she still needed to read for a half hour and it was a school night and then they would be up until way past bedtime. Ella agreed...she also needed to read for 20 minutes, in Spanish, and she thought they should head home soon so they could do their reading and go to bed on time.

So they did a little bit of wandering at the mall and then headed home, did their reading and went to bed a few minutes earlier than normal.

This makes me particularly happy because last year Michelle went through a time when she hated to read and I have worked hard to try to help her develop a love of reading. It is paying off. She never complains or argues about doing her reading this year and she often reads for longer than she is required to. I'm so happy that she wanted to make good choices and chose completing her reading and getting to bed on time rather than watching a movie.