Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A new-ish tradition

Each year, many of the teachers I work with buy some small gift for the other teachers. Each year I try to think of something I can do for the other teachers. Last year, I settled on an idea that I thought was a good one. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I baked. A lot. I took all the goodies to work and put a note that the goodies were my gift to the other teachers. An early Christmas gift from me to them. They could come by the faculty room any time that day to get a treat. They seemed to love it. It was early enough that they hadn't had a lot of treats yet, and since Thanksgiving is a long weekend, it didn't feel stressful to bake over the weekend.

So I decided to make this a yearly tradition. On Sunday, I baked pumpkin chocolate chip bread. I baked chocolate peppermint cookies. And I baked peanut butter blossoms. I took all of these to work on Monday as a holiday treat for everyone to enjoy. I enjoyed the baking, and my coworkers enjoyed the treats. I think it is my new annual tradition for my coworkers. :)