Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

The girls slept until around 8 AM. They were allowed to look in their stockings, but nothing else until everyone was up. But within about 10 minutes, everyone was up and ready to open gifts.

Aunt Suzy had spent the night at our house and was able to participate in our gift opening and spend the day with us. We were so glad she was part of the festivities.

There were several things that were really for both Michelle and Ella to share or for all 3 girls. They were especially excited to get Just Dance Disney. Ella was thrilled to get boots with heels. She has been asking for them for months. They also got clothing, several books, Bible puzzle books, Ella got a webkinz, and they got lots of earrings from Aunt Suzy. Gabby got a couple of Barbie movies which she loves.

I gave Suzy a pretty watch and a pillow I'd made at Super Saturday. She gave me Elder Holland's new book For Times of Trouble. I've just started reading it, but I can tell it will be wonderful.
For Alfredo, I bought a new comforter for our bed. He really likes to change comforters regularly, and he has been asking for a new one for a couple of months. We have about 5, and every couple of months we put the current one away in the attic and pull out one we haven't used for awhile. This one is brown. I also bought him a cordless speaker that works with his Ipad or Ipod. We can use it outside for barbecues in the summer as well as around the house. He's really enjoyed it so far.

Alfredo bought me two pairs of pants and a Blendtec blender. Because my sister works for Blendtec, we were able to get a discount. I got my blender about 3 weeks ago and I asked Alfredo if I should save it for Christmas or open it right away. He said to open it and so I did. I've used it 18 times already, and I love it!!! I've made lots of smoothies and whole juices and a milkshake and a sorbet and a soup. The soup wasn't a big hit but we've loved everything else. I love it and can't wait to try even more things. In the summer, my kids are very excited that I can use it to make snow cones. :)

After all of the gifts were opened, Michelle said, "We haven't gotten our gifts from Santa yet. But they are down by the fire place. I already saw them." She had remembered that Santa put their gifts by the fireplace downstairs last year, so she had gone there first before she woke us up. So we headed downstairs to see what they got. They were all thrilled... Michelle and Ella had new bikes and Gabby had a Barbie Mermaid set that has 3 mermaids, a dolphin and a swing and slide set. They are all for the bathroom, and the mermaids' hair changes color.

We had a nice breakfast and the girls enjoyed their gifts for awhile. They played Just Dance. Then Michelle went for a short bike ride, despite the snow.

Around noon, we headed to my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil's house. We opened more gifts and visited with my grandpa, my Aunt Elaine and Uncle Phil, my Aunt Diane and Uncle Brent and their kids, as well as Phil's children and grandchildren. It was great to see so many family members. The girls got darling blankets that they have loved.

That afternoon, Suzy and I talked to our grandma on the phone. We also Skyped Rebecca and her family and talked to my mom and Mike. It was great to talk to all of them and to be able to see them even though we couldn't be with them. I felt so blessed to be able to see or talk to those that I love most. What a truly blessed Christmas this was!