Sunday, October 20, 2013

Built to Amaze: Circus 2013

Three weeks ago, the girls and I went with friends to the circus. Alfredo was unable to make it because he had to work late, so we brought along our friend Aelora. We made it in time for the pre-show on the floor. We ran into friends from our neighborhood, so that was fun.

They had clowns and dancers leading people in dancing Gangum style and while Gabby wouldn't go out and dance with the dancers, she was dancing by us.

I think we will take a year or two off from the circus, because somehow it did not seem to amaze quite as much as usual. It was still fun, but it just didn't impress as much as it has the past two years. But maybe I was just extra tired...we went straight there after my second day of parent teacher conferences, and on a week when Alfredo had inventory and was working long hours. So I was overwhelmed and exhausted.

There were some highlights. Loved the unicyclists that played basketball.

The girls are all animal lovers, so of course we all loved the parts with animals. The lion tamer. The elephants. But this year the biggest highlight was probably the dogs. There were full size poodles that were just amazing.

Of course, another highlight of the circus is being there with friends and enjoying this experience with them. It was Aelora's first time at the circus, and she really enjoyed it.

Another favorite part for the girls was these men that jumped on trampolines and then onto frameworks (as if they were Builders"). And the tight rope walkers and acrobats are always impressive. So was the man on Ginormous stilts.

Okay, so maybe it was just as amazing as ever. Maybe I was just tired and stressed out. (I have been a little bit tired and stressed out this school year. The girls seemed to enjoy it a lot.) Circus was built to amaze.