Friday, October 18, 2013

Conference Notes

Conference seemed especially wonderful to me this time. Really, I always think conference is wonderful. But my children are getting old enough that they mostly can listen and take notes (well, the older two can). And I had some questions that I wanted to know more about, and I just felt like conference was so timely. The leaders are so inspired and they truly know what is happening in the world and what we need to do to be safe from the adversary and the philosophies of men.

Saturday afternoon seemed a little crazier than the others, and I found myself getting a tiny bit frustrated at one point. But we had 3 extra children watching conference with us, and I had to remind myself that first, having these extra children was a positive of them most definitely would not have watched it otherwise...and so meant we were doing a little bit to "hasten the work"...and second, that the talks would be available online very quickly so I could reread/rewatch them. That helped me maintain a better attitude. Sometimes (okay, often!) I need these reminders of what is most important. Even in the midst of listening to conference.

We usually buy some treats ahead of time that I put into bowls with a word taped to the bowl (words like pray, faith, prophet, missionaries). When the children hear that word, they get to take one treat. We had chips and dip, M&M's, skittles, strawberries, peaches, cheese and crackers and a few other snacks during the two days. It keeps them pretty motivated to listen...and on one of the days the words we chose weren't being used much so we switched words half way through.

This time, I also bought a box of brand new markers and some posterboards. We each got one posterboard to take notes on. I gave them some ideas of what they might do, but it was their posterboard to use, front and back. I focussed my notes on "Hastening the Work" on one side and on counsel that will help me love and teach my family and my RS sisters on the other. Nearly every talk was related to one or both of these topics, particularly hastening the work.

I also took more traditional notes in my journal, but I love this visual reminder of what I learned in conference. I got the idea from here,
but I changed it a bit to make it work for me/my family.
My 5 year old's posterboard: It has a few words: happiness, love, Savior, and some pictures and when she got tired, she scribbled a bit.
My 8 year old's poster board:
Both sides of my 10 year old's posterboard: