Sunday, October 13, 2013

Grandpa's Birthday

My grandpa, Franklin Floyd Neff, celebrated his 90th birthday two weeks ago. Yesterday we had a party/open house for him at his church. All of the family was invited plus his neighbors and ward members. There was a great turn out and it was nice to see so many extended family members...some of whom I see rarely and some distant relatives that I don't even know. My grandpa is my only surviving grandparent. But I know I am blessed because all of my grandparents lived until I was in my 30's. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have their grandparents live so long. My grandpa is such a kind, calm, hard working, quiet man.

My mom, my aunt Elaine, my grandpa and my aunt LaRue. (My grandpa and his daughters).
My grandpa and his sons, Brent and Steve.
My grandpa with all of his children, from youngest to oldest (left to right): Brent, Elaine, grandpa, Steve, Barbara (my mom), LaRue
Gabby, enjoying a cupcake...her first of several
Alfredo and my sister Suzy

My aunt Elaine planned the whole event. She and my mom made/mailed invitations and put an announcement in the newspaper. My aunt Elaine baked cakes and cupcakes and decorated them. She also asked Michelle to play a couple of songs on her violin for my grandpa. Michelle got pretty nervous, but she did it. She played "I Am a Child of God" and "Scotland the Brave" (which is the tune that Praise to the Man is sung to.)
And some more photos:

My grandpa and his brother. His only living sibling:
My grandpa with his grandchildren that could attend:
Grandpa with some of his great grandchildren:
I kind of envy how quickly children make friends and begin playing and act as if they have known each other for years. I don't see my cousins often, so my children don't know their children. But soon they were playing happily together, even though almost all of them are significantly younger than Michelle and Ella.
More family: