Saturday, October 19, 2013

Scarecrow Festival

Today we went to the scarecrow festival at Westridge Academy. It is free, and it was fun.

Alfredo is an amazing dad. Michelle really wanted to do the bungee jumping (on trampolines...very safe and not scary). The line looked fairly long, so right away, Alfredo and Michelle went to get in line. I took Ella and Gabby and got in line for the train. We rode the train.

We checked in with Alfredo, and they were still in line. Ella and Gabby got "Glitter tattoos" on their faces.

They were still in line.

Ella and Gabby went on several inflatable bouncy houses. They tolerated me taking a bunch of pictures.

Michelle and Alfredo were still in line.

Gabby, Ella, and I bought food, and went to find them in line. Alfredo's friend Thomas joined us, and we sat near the line and gave Michelle and Alfredo food. They began to trade would stand in line while the other would come and visit and eat. Alfredo stood in that line with Michelle for over 2 1/2 hours. Way past the time when I would have said, "Forget this. We have a trampoline at home. I'm not waiting any longer." But he waited patiently for it to be Michelle's turn. Finally, finally, it was Michelle's turn. Ella decided to try it out too. Many adults were doing it, but Alfredo didn't want to, so Ella took his spot in line and Michelle, Ella and Kaleb all tried it out.

Michelle absolutely loved it. She jumped and bounced as high as she could. She did back flip after back flip. Ella really enjoyed it too. She didn't want to do any flips, but she bounced higher and higher. Kaleb was less certain but ended up liking it as well. Gabby had no desire to even try.

After the bungee jumping, the younger kids headed with Alfredo and Thomas so they could ride the train.

Michelle wanted to rock climb, so I waited in line with her. She did awesome and made it to the top.

The girls went on a few more inflatables, and then we got ready to leave. It was a fun way to spend the day...despite the long wait for the bungee jumping. Best dad ever award for waiting there for so long!