Monday, October 21, 2013

My Gabby girl

Oh, how I love my children! Gabby says so many cute and funny things. They all do, but as they get older, they seem to say funny things a bit less. One night a couple of weeks ago, I had tucked her into bed and left the room. A couple of minutes later she began calling for me. I felt a bit annoyed, to be honest. I had work to do. She needed to sleep. There was no reason for her to be calling for me.

I walked in the room and said, "Yes, Gabby." She said, "Good night. I hope the fleas don't bite." (Fleas, bed matter the rhyme, they better not be bitin was my immediate thought.) Instead of feeling annoyed, I immediately felt grateful. For her cleverness. For her sweetness. For her humor and the way she makes me laugh and smile. That she loves me despite my sometimes cranky attitude. That she forgives me when I'm not as patient as I want to be. For her smile that makes me happy. For her love.

Two days ago, I noticed Gabby was in my room reading herself a book. She couldn't read all the words yet, but she had no problem telling herself a story (even though it's a book I haven't taken time to read to her yet.)

Love. That.Girl!