Monday, September 30, 2013

Fan the Flame of Your Faith

One of my favorite talks from last general conference was the talk by Elder Holland, "Lord, I Believe." I feel like my faith has grown immensely in the past six months, and I am so very excited to listen to conference next weekend. I attended the General Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday, and it was wonderful! I know that I will be richly fed and blessed next weekend as I listen. I plan to have our family write down some questions we would like answered and listen for those answers. That really helped us to listen more intently last time.

This week for family home evening, I decided to talk about faith with my children. We first sang the song "Faith"(By the way, I have the Ipad app "Sing-Along" and we love it. I loved it when I taught Sunbeams and my children (ages 10, 8, and 5) love it for FHE or just to sing with. It has the primary songs and each song includes several photographs to illustrate their message. I don't recall how much it cost, perhaps $5?, but it was worth it.) We talked about what faith is. Then I read several quotes from Elder Holland's talk. In particular I read his testimony and his quote to "fan the flame of your faith".

Then we used crepe paper to write down things we could do to fan the flame of our faith. They thought of a couple of ways that hadn't crossed my mind. I was pleased with our list. Then we taped each strip of crepe paper to our fan. They loved writing their ideas down (although I helped my 5 year old and even wrote a couple of her ideas down for her to speed the process up). Then we turned it on to see the flames of our faith fanned. A simple but very powerful Family Home Evening that I think will really stick with them and that we can return to over and over. We closed by singing "I Pray in Faith". Dessert was ice cream. (Easy. Which is what I go for most of the time!)

If you were nervous about little fingers near a fan, then you could do this by folding a paper to make a paper fan and then having the child write/draw pictures of how to fan the flame of their faith. Or they could tell you what to write and you could write it. My kids absolutely loved this lesson!