Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Natural History Museum...Library Day

Everyone who completed the Salt Lake County Summer Library Reading Program received a certificate that allowed you to attend the Natural History Museum for free on Sat. September 7 or Weds. Sept. 11. We read all summer long, and so we headed to the Natural History Museum on Saturday. Gabby is still a bit young to fully enjoy the museum. There were parts she liked but on the parts she didn't like, she did not want to wait for us to look at things at all. But we still got to see much of the museum, including a cool exhibit about wild weather that wasn't at the museum last time we went. Gabby really liked the dinosaurs.

Look at the baby mammoth. So cute...can you call a mammoth skeleton cute?
Look at that neck! And that wasn't all of it...just all I could get framed in my camera lens. Crazy. Sure wouldn't want to get a kink in my neck if my neck was that long!

Gabby and Michelle both liked trying to build a building that would not get knocked down by the Earthquake simulator.

Ella enjoyed looking at rocks and minerals since she studied them last year.

There were lots of other cool things to see and do... especially in the play room (don't remember what it's really called, but it was a hands on room for kids). It was also neat to go outside and see the Salt Lake Valley and identify the types of clouds in the sky.

My favorite exhibit was the one on natural disasters. I could have spent a much longer time in there, but Gabby got impatient. There was information on volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and perhaps other disasters. They did a demonstration of what happens during an earthquake if your house is built on a sandy foundation. You could design your own volcano and see how it erupts. So many photos and stories and facts and information... very interesting.

Very interesting and fun outing. Afterwards, we stopped at Del Taco for the girls to get their free tacos from the summer reading program. Super fun way to spend the morning/early afternoon. So glad we read all summer! :)