Monday, September 9, 2013

Super Fun or Exhausting...depends on your age?!

Two weeks ago, I took the girls to Discovery Gateway on a Friday evening. It was the end of the first full week of school. The girls loved it. I get a kick out of how much Michelle and Ella like it, particularly the shopping center. They could play there for hours, I think. Gabby, on the other hand, likes to flit from one activity to another.

The girls had such a good time. We got there about 5:30 and stayed until it was closing at 8. It was pretty crowded when we first got there, but it was mostly empty the last 30 minutes.

I enjoyed watching them, but near the end, I was sitting down watching them and felt myself start to nod eyes were having trouble staying open and every few minutes my head would bounce. It wasn't even 8 PM yet, so that was pretty sad. I kept thinking, "I must be getting old if I want to go to bed at 8 PM on a Friday night." Hopefully, it was just the end of the first week of school...and the exhaustion that goes along with that. :)

(I'm not sure. So far, I find that I'm completely physically and emotionally exhausted by Thursday evening of every week...and really need to plan to hide out at home on Thursdays. This past Thursday I subbed in a bunco group in my ward, and the Thursday before that I went to book club. Both weeks a simple question from a friend made me get teary eyed and emotional. At Bunco, I held it together pretty well, and I'm not sure anyone noticed except one person. But at Book Club, I think I worried a couple of my friends because I tried to say something jokingly and as I began to laugh, the tears started rolling down my eyes and I couldn't stop crying for several minutes. Really, I am going to be okay. I know I will. It's been a difficult transition going back to work this year. Partly because my baby started kindergarten and she had a hard time the first week. Partly because of the "F" label I wrote about, and my own personal growth scores at work. Partly because I had a schedule worked out last year that allowed me to get many of my RS visits done without kids and at a time that they didn't really realize I was gone, and that isn't working so well now that Gabby is in school... So I feel guilty if I don't do visits, although I have been justifying it a bit because I'm so busy and exhausted...and I feel guilty when I do visits and it takes me away from my family when they've been at school all day. My wonderful Bishop and I met on Sunday to discuss Relief Society. I didn't say anything about how difficult the last three weeks have been. I was feeling so much better on Sunday...and so far that has continued to today. :) But right before I left, my very wise and in tune Bishop commented that the burdens/responsibilities we carry as leaders are not too heavy...and when they feel like they are, if we turn to the Lord, He will ease them for us and give us the strength to carry them. I know that is true. I have felt that in the past, and I know that as I consistently study the scriptures and the gospel, pray for strength and forget myself and go to work, I will be strengthened and blessed. Already I feel better than I had been feeling.... Hopefully, that will still be true by this Thursday. :))

Anyway, enough about me and my are some photos of the children's museum.
I really do have such sweet, beautiful children, in my (biased) opinion. I am so very thankful for them, for the many fun memories we created over the summer and will continue to create throughout the year. I'm thankful for their goodness and all that I learn being their mom. It's such a blessing to be their mom. While I'm busier than I'd like to be, I am thankful for the opportunities I have to learn and grow through the responsibilities I have.