Monday, September 23, 2013

Stake Conference Adult Session

Last night was the adult session of stake conference. President Peterson spoke first and spoke about Joseph of Egypt. Here are the things that stood out to me from his talk.

**God is there and He loves each of us. He will help us through trials. Over and over in Genesis it says, "But God was with him." He will also put people in our life to help us. He is there to rescue us. To save us.

**Elder Wirthlin gave a talk entitled "Come What May and Love It". He said in this talk that The Lord compensates the faithful for every loss. Every tear shed today will be repaid hundredfold in the next life.

**my favorite quote was one he shared from Elder Oaks. Elder Oaks was called to be a ward mission leader at a time when he was very busy in his career. He said, "I learned that I could do more professionally in part of my time with His help than in all of my time without it." It doesn't make sense logically, but I know this is true. When I faithfully dedicate some of my time to studying the gospel, visiting teaching, serving others and so on, then I somehow am better able to get my other responsibilities done. And I feel more peace and happiness.

Then Sister Dewsnup spoke.

**She spoke abt a newspaper article she read about a group of tourists that foolishly ignored signs and warnings and walked right up to Old Faithful in Yellowstone. They could easily have been in "hot water", literally and figuratively. The commandments are warning signs for us and are there to protect us and allow us to become who we are meant to be.

**She also said when we live the commandments, we will be comfortable around the Savior when He comes again. I want nothing more than to be able to fall at His feet, to worship Him, to know Him, and to be comfortable in His presence. Am I living now so that will be the case?

Then Elder Dewsnup of the 70 spoke.

**He spoke about real growth, real conversion. He shared Alma 5:11-14....conversion is a turning. We don't just act different, we are different. He also shared and discussed D&C 82:13-14.

**He shared the quote by President Packer, "True doctrine understood changes attitudes and behaviors." Then he talked about each word in that quote.

**True: the things we teach must be true.

**Doctrine: he explained that there is only one doctrine of Christ but many facets of that doctrine. (He pointed out that any time the plural doctrines is used, it is to refer to doctrines of men or doctrines of devils). As we teach, we must be sure that we are connecting what we are teaching to Christ and teaching not just the application of a principle but the doctrine of it.

He then examined with us the principles taught this year in the youth curriculum and how they go in an order that allows the youth to really see who they are in relation to God, really understand the plan, and sets a foundation for their obedience and faith. Our leaders are so inspired.

**Understood: He explained that we can know something without really understanding it. He told of a trip to the beach with his family. There were signs warning of dangerous riptides and explained to his daughter what a riptide is and what to do if caught in one. He knew what riptides were. The next day, he went body surfing and got unknowingly caught in a riptide and had to be rescued by a lifeguard. Now he really understood what riptides are. We, too, need to really understand the doctrine, have it written in our hearts.

**Changes attitudes and behavior: Understanding doctrine changes not only how we are willing to act but also how we think about how we are willing to act. It changes not just what we do but our thoughts and feelings about the commandments...our inward obedience.

**He closed by talking about the Savior's injunction to feed His sheep. When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren. Each of us needs to strengthen our own conversion and then work to strengthen others. Only through feeding His sheep will we become truly like our Savior.