Monday, May 5, 2014


We had a lovely Easter weekend. We had several fun activities and several opportunities to talk about and learn about Christ and His Atonement and Resurrection. On Saturday, we did an Easter egg hunt with a few friends in our front yard.

I love the spring!! I love the beautiful flowers. I love the warmer temperatures. I love the rain showers. I love knowing that school's end is nearing. It is my favorite season...with summer being a close second.

The Easter bunny brought the girls Easter baskets. They got some candy,a few art supplies, a new pair of shoes, and a dress.

I always try to take pictures of my girls in their Easter dresses. But Gabby was absolutely not going to cooperate. So I got some great photos of Michelle (I just love her dress!) and Ella (Alfredo's favorite dress.).

Also, I saw a cute idea to turn rolls into Easter my bread machine and I made rolls and then Alfredo shaped them into bunnies. We went to my aunt's house for dinner with my aunt and grandpa. So we brought bunny rolls.

Alfredo's family holds an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday, so we went over there and enjoyed that. You can see Gabby's dress in a couple of the pictures. A lovely day, over all, but certainly not perfect. There were two tantrums on Easter Sunday morning. One of our children and Alfredo came about 10 minutes late to church because said child was having a meltdown. Another child was upset that her sisters' dresses were prettier. I pretty much told that child that the Easter Bunny could and would take her dress back if she was going to complain about it. Ironically, as I type this two weeks later, she loves her dress. It was certainly not how I envisioned Easter morning going...but as the morning progressed, and I was feeling cranky that my children were being so ungrateful and unpleasant, and I lost patience with them, it actually made the Atonement feel all the more meaningful and real. My kids are good parents but they aren't perfect. I am a good mom, but definitely not a perfect one. We NEED the Atonement. We need our Savior's love and mercy and the gift of repentance and forgiveness. That was made abundantly clear to me that day (and a million other days in my life as a mother.)