Sunday, May 25, 2014

Foods I Like/Dislike ...Family History Journal

Question 23:
I like most foods. Really. Almost any food is good. I particularly like fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, raspberries.

In fact, I'll name some of my favorites by topic:

1. Fruits: strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and almost any other

2. Vegetables: sweet peas, asparagus, sweet potatoes

3. Dessert: brownies, ice cream, almost any dessert...I definitely have a sweet tooth

4. Main Dishes: almost any Mexican (burritos, tacos, enchiladas) or almost any pasta or pizza or hamburgers or ribs or indian Food or Korean food or so many others

5. Drinks: lemonade, water, fruit juices but not apple juice

6. Breakfast: waffles with fresh fruit, breakfast casserole with potatoes, cheese and bacon, smoothies

7. Soups: Potato cheese soup, wild rice soup,Zuppa toscana...nearly any kind of creamy soup, as well as most chilis and meat and vegetable soups

8. I also love salads with fruit and nuts in them. And many types of sandwiches.

Pretty much most foods.

There are a few foods I don't like:
1. Bananas are not a favorite...their texture and flavor aren't my favorite. I add them to smoothies a lot but it is pretty rare for me to eat a banana alone. Also, I hate papayas and kumquats. Oh, and I detest fried plantains.

2. I don't care for refried beans. If they are mixed into a tostada or burrito or pupusa, then I can tolerate them. But please don't scoop a serving of refried beans on my plate.

3. I love many kinds of cheese, butI don't care for Mexican cheeses (or Central American cheeses) like cotija or especially the cheeses Alfredo's family serves. They are too strong and salty for me.

4. I have no desire to eat weird things like snails, bugs, etc. I have tried chicken hearts (AWFUL!!!) and alligator (tasted like chicken) and duck and liver (I've had it twice...once I thought it was quite good...and the second time, it was terrible). But mostly I don't even want to try weird foods.

5. I don't care for coconut milk. I like coconut in desserts, but I don't care for meats flavored with coconut milk (like many Thai foods.)

Aside from that, I will eat and enjoy most things. (And I do eat refried beans, bananas, fried plantains and Central American cheeses when they are served to me....but I eat them quickly and first, saving the things I like for after I've eaten those I don't like.)