Friday, May 23, 2014

Nine and Doing Fine!

Ella turned nine at the end of April.

On her birthday, she got fake nails and make up. She chose to go to In N Out for her birthday dinner. Then we got cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

The Saturday after her birthday, we had a party for a few of her school and neighborhood friends. She decided on all of the games/activities she wanted to do. First, they did a relay where they filled a cup (with a hole in the bottom) with water. They passed it over their head, then the next person passed it under their legs, over, under and then dumped it in a bucket. The team to fill their bucket first won. That was fun. Then they played a water version of Duck, Duck, Goose. I think they called it Drip, Drip, Squeeze. You had a wet sponge and dripped water on each person's head as you went around, but on the person who was it, you would squeeze your sponge on their head.


After these two games, we did cupcakes and ice cream. I made cupcakes and then bought lots of different things to decorate them with. So each child got to decorate his/her own cupcake. 

Then Ella opened presents.
Ella absolutely wanted a pinata...and that has been tradition each year since they were pretty little.  So we did a pinata.  It was a sturdy thing and everyone got at least one chance to hit it...a couple of kids took a second turn to finish it off...we blind folded Ella and then decided not to blind fold anyone else...just to let them at it.

The kids all enjoyed trying on the pinata as a hat after it broke.

Then we moved to the front yard and played Kick the Can.  Finally, we played Super Hero Tag until it was time for friends to go home. 

Ella at 9:

Grade in School:  Third
Best Friends at School:  Aelora, Zoe, Mia
Best Friends in the Neighborhood:  Amaya, Max, Austin, Jolie
Favorite Food:  pizza
Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Song: Hello, Goodbye by the Beatles
Favorite Thing about School: I have good friends.
Favorite Subject in School: Science
Ella Doesn't Like:  Math