Tuesday, June 16, 2015

End of the School Year

Gabby and Miss Finerfrock
The end of the school year was a bittersweet one this year.  Michelle absolutely loved her 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Pate.  She is heading to junior high and while she is excited about that, she is very sad to leave Hunter.  She really loved being at Hunter for 6th grade.  Ella and Gabby may be attending Hunter next year (although we haven't made a final decision about that yet) and so it was a bit sad for them to end the school year also.  We gave each of the girls' teachers flowers.  I was able to get a photo of Gabby with each of her teachers.

Gabby and Miss Mary Lou

Ella in her classroom.

 Ella's teacher called me a couple of days after school ended. She thanked me for the flowers and for raising such amazing children.  That was so thoughtful of her to call. She is moving to Arizona this summer so she won't be teaching at Jackson any more.  I am sad to see her leave.  She is a phenomenal teacher.

Michelle had an awards assembly on the last day of school.  I wasn't able to go, but Alfredo went. Michelle earned several awards.  Mrs. Pate also wrote Michelle the sweetest note that she included in her report card. Here is what the note said:

This has been one amazing year and I am going to miss your sweet smile in my room each and every day!  You radiate this amazing energy that so many classmates are drawn to...even me.  I also appreciated how happy you always were each and every day in class.  It made our classroom a positive place to be and I thank you for that.  You are a very talented young lady who is internally motivated to succeed in all you do. I absolutely love that about you!  Thank you for all your sweet notes and thoughtful gifts that you gave me.  My all time favorite was the note on my car.  It made my day and was a great pick-me-up from having a bad day.  I will never forget that note and I keep it in my car as a little reminder for me to be happy!  Thank you for being a ray of sunshine in and out of my classroom.  I have absolutely enjoyed being your teacher this year!  I want to know all the wonderful things you're involved in, so stay in touch.  I hope that you have a great summer and stay safe!  
                                                                                                     Mrs. Pate

As for me, it was a very sad and emotional last day of school.  After 11 years at Parkview, I am leaving and moving to a different school.  I am very excited about this move...I think it is going to be a wonderful change.  But I love the children at my school.  And I love the teachers at my school.  It was very bittersweet to say goodbye.  The Parkview staff includes so many incredibly talented and dedicated women (and a couple of men!).  Many of them have been a part of my life for 11 years now.  I have raised my family as I've worked alongside them.  I shed many, many tears on that last day.  I feel blessed to have a new opportunity before me, and I feel certain that I made the right decision to transfer schools.  But it was still hard.  I won't see most of these cute faces again:
On the last day, we met at the flag pole at the end of the day for a flag lowering ceremony to end the year.  Before we went to the flag ceremony, each class was given a balloon and we were to write two words on it that represented our class.  The words my class chose to write were "family" and "kind".  It's true...we did/do become like a family.  I'm glad each of these sweet boys and girls were able to be part of that family. And each teacher that has touched my life as well.  

Now on to new experiences for each of us!