Monday, June 8, 2015

Michelle's 12th Birthday!

Michelle turned 12 on May 14.  How is it possible that this cute, messy little girl:
has turned into this beautiful, silly, smart young lady:

For Michelle's birthday, we decided to give her a big surprise...a trip to Nauvoo to learn more about church history and to strengthen her testimony.  Just Michelle and I are going...and since I am so slow in posting (May was crazy busy)...our trip is in just a few days.  Michelle knew she was getting a big surprise but she had no idea what that surprise was.  On her birthday, she opened a gift from my Aunt Elaine:

Then it was time for the big surprise.  It was a giant posterboard cut into a puzzle.  At first, I think she was a little bit confused/disappointed.  But then she started to put the puzzle together.

Once she had figured it out and read the poster, she got choked up and began to cry.  She came over and hugged me and hugged Alfredo.  She has been very excited ever since.  I think it will be a wonderful opportunity to spend some time together, to learn more about church history and have our testimonies strengthened and to have a special, memorable experience.  We plan to do the same thing or something similar for Ella and Gabby for their 12th birthdays.

12 Things I Love about Michelle at age 12:
1.  Her excitement and enthusiasm for entering young womens.
2.  She loves to read.  I often have to tell her 2 or 3 times to go to bed at night because she is in bed reading.
3.  She is becoming quite talented at playing the piano and violin.
4.  She loves ramen noodle soup, eggs with tomatoes/cilantro/onions (and she is getting pretty good at making these eggs), salads, and really most food.  She eats more than you would expect and she likes a wide range of foods.
5.  She is such a good helper to me.  
6.  She tries hard to keep her room organized and neat... it isn't always neat but she does try.
7.  She is a wonderful student.  She will be in Quest next year at Kennedy...the gifted language arts, social studies and science.  She works hard and tries her best.
8.  She has a beautiful smile and laugh.
9.  She loves to teach FHE and she is excited to go to the temple for the first time soon.
10.  She is a good friend.
11.  She is brave.  She likes to try new things.  (She totally gets those qualities from her dad...not me.)
12.  Michelle is responsible.