Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I love seeing my kids happy!

Amusement parks are not my thing.  I don't like most rides...they tend to make me sick...and I don't love crowds.  But I do love to see my kids having fun and see them happy.  So I love that each year Alfredo's company has a Lagoon Day.  We are friends with many of the other employees so it's fun to see and visit with them and even ride some of the rides with them.  The company provides lunch and gives away prizes.  And my kids have a ball.  So I am happy.  This year, Alfredo's cousin Sandra and her children Becky, Junior and Katie came from Las Vegas to visit and to spend the day at Lagoon with us.  Also, two of Michelle's cute friends, Tia and Liv, were able to come along with us.  And my dear friend Brenda and her daughter Aelora came.  So it was a fun day all around!

Mostly, Alfredo, Becky, Junior, Michelle, Liv and Tia went off to ride the roller coasters together.  I spent most of the day in Kiddieland with Ella, Gabby, Sandra and Katie.   Brenda, Gabby, Ella and I even toured Pioneer Village, which I haven't done in years...and I'm not sure if my kids ever had.  We did all go on Rattlesnake Rapids together and some of us got drenched.  It was Gabby's first time, and she didn't love it.  Which is unfortunate, because it is my favorite ride!

It was a cloudy day and so the temperature was pretty nice all day.  It rained a little bit, but mostly just a fine drizzle and so it wasn't bad.  The weather really ended up being pretty perfect.

Our Group!

Ella and Katie loved Bombora.  I think they went on it 5 or 6 times!

The swings are Gabby's favorite ride.  She went on them at least 4 times.  I didn't mind riding them with her.

Such cute girls.  This was as we waited in line together for Rattlesnake Rapids.

Eating Dippin' Dots

Despite the face, Michelle did like her Dippin' Dots.

Such a fun day.  Michelle was bummed that Cannibal wasn't open yet.  But she got to ride Wicked several times as well as other rides that she liked.  So, I was happy because my kids were happy.