Friday, February 5, 2016

Christmas break

I love having time off with my family. I love Christmas break, especially as it is such a magical time of year.  One of the family gifts we got this year was a puzzle.  My girls loved puzzles when they were little but we really haven't tackled any bigger puzzles.  So I was excited when Santa brought us a darling 750 piece puzzle of dogs.   We worked on it for about 3 days before it was complete.  Gabby helped a little, Ella helped quite a bit and Michelle did a lot.  As did I.

 Alfredo's cousin's daughter, Becky, was in Park City during Christmas break.  She was working as a nanny.  So one day we headed up to see her.  Unfortunately, she didn't have very long that she could visit with us...and it was a freezing cold day.  So we mostly stood inside this cute store and talked.  We did wander down Main Street a little bit...but honestly, it was miserable.  Gabby was crying because she was cold.  Ella was whining.  Everyone was hungry.   We stopped to take a couple of pictures but mostly the girls were anxious to get out of Park City.  We did have a yummy lunch together at Cafe Zupas which cheered everyone up considerably.

During the break, we all read, played with new Christmas gifts, played with friends, played board games, talked, laughed, and just enjoyed being together.  Not much better than that!  SO, so grateful for this wonderful family of mine!