Thursday, February 4, 2016

Antimony, Utah

My friend Annette and I headed to Antimony, Utah on a Friday evening.  We went to the Rockin R Ranch.  We spent the night and then spent all day Saturday there.  Friday night we played a bunch of table tennis and then headed to bed.

On Saturday we had a full day.  Breakfast was provided and it was quite tasty.  After breakfast, we learned to saddle and groom our horses.  Then we had lessons on how to ride and guide our horses so they would follow our commands.  We learned to get them to trot and to go around barrels and even to lead a calf.  I wasn't that great at it, but I tried and the teachers were very patient and helpful. There were 2 teachers and 4 of us learning so you got a fair amount of individualized attention.

Then we had an hour and a half trail ride with lunch.  It was really quite pretty.  (But by the time the trail ride was over, I was ready to be off my horse...I was sore.)  

Annette grooming her horse.

The trail ride.  Annette is right behind me.

After our trail ride, we took care of our horses and then we headed over to archery.  I am seriously not athletic, and I wasn't very good (although I did have a few good shots).  But it was still a lot of fun.

Then we headed on a hike.   The hike was just Annette and I with two guides.  The guides that took us on the hike pointed out different types of rocks and we collected some rocks.  They were cute young girls and it was fun to go on a gentle hike and loosen our muscles and enjoy the beauty.  They told us a bit about the area and we had a fun time talking as we hiked.

That evening we had another delicious dinner.  Then there was a campfire and smores and singing.   Right after the campfire, we headed back to Salt Lake.  A quick but very fun trip and a generous gift from Annette.  She paid for everything (although I drove and paid for gas...small contribution compared to what she did.)