Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dance Mini Clinics

Three of the YW in our ward are on Hunter High's Dance Company (and many other YW and girls are dancers as well).  Last week they held dance mini clinics and Gabby decided she wanted to participate.  She was a little nervous because she hasn't had dance lessons and she wasn't sure if she would know anyone or if she would be able to dance well.  I assured her that a couple of her friends would be there and she was excited and nervous to go.  She ended up LOVING it!  She is already talking about participating again next year.  They had a two hour dance clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday night and then they performed during Hunter High's basketball game half time.  Gabby is pretty shy so I was proud of her for performing and she did a great job!   The other groups did a great job as well and it was fun to see lots of people we know there at the game.