Saturday, July 7, 2012


Last weekend, Alfredo took Michelle and Ella to his friend Justin's cabin. (My parents were in town visiting from AZ. Gabby and I stayed here and spent the day with them.) They had such a great time playing with Asher and Oaklie on Friday evening and then spending the day on the lake on Saturday. Alfredo was really proud of Ella because she jumped right off the boat into the lake, and she went on the tube and held on while they pulled her. Ella is often a little reticent to do things she thinks will be scary, but she was brave on this trip. She had such a great time! Asher and Oaklie cried when Alfredo and the girls left Saturday evening to come back home.

Since I wasn't there, I will let the pictures tell the story.

I guess by the time the day was over, Michelle and Ella were worn out! But they had a great time.