Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tracy Aviary

As part of our Pass of All Passes, we have free admission to Tracy Aviary on Mondays. So this past Monday, I took my children to the Tracy Aviary. Michelle and Ella have been there on field trips...and I have been there before, but it's been many years. But it was Gabby's first time...and our first time going together.

Unfortunately, we missed the bird show. We got there barely on time and there were no more seats. So we made sure to be early to the next bird show which was about eggs...and only featured two birds...but was still fun. The girls were quite surprised that it took over 70 pounds of weight to crack a chicken's egg. During this "egg-cellent" bird show, a small falcon flew right over our heads twice. That was Gabby's favorite part. Michelle was pretty bummed, because the girl doing the bird show asked for several volunteers. One time she pointed briefly at Michelle and then turned and pointed at someone else and picked the other child. Michelle really wanted to be a volunteer.

Michelle's favorite part of the aviary was seeing the big birds. When I asked which big birds, she said all of them. So I guess that's the emu, the vultures, the geese and others. Ella's favorite part of the aviary was seeing the owls.

All three girls enjoyed digging in the sand and using different "beaks" to get "food" from the sand.

I enjoyed reading a bit about some of the different birds...what they eat, where they live, and so on. Like Ella, I enjoyed seeing the owls.