Monday, July 23, 2012

Hiking in the Wasatch...Waterfalls

Alfredo and I signed up for a hiking "class" through Granite Peaks Community Ed. We meet at the park and ride at 6200 Wasatch Drive on Saturday mornings and then hike to various locations, usually stopping at a waterfall or lake. It has been a lot of fun. It gives us a chance to spend time together without our kids. We've enjoyed meeting new people (and one of the former teachers at my school, Alicia, has been there~She retired 2 years ago, so it is fun to see her.) Plus, I'm hoping it will get me more familiar with the mountains so I'll take my kids up there more often and find hikes that they can enjoy.

Our first hike was to Stewart Falls. We parked at Aspen Grove and then it was a fairly easy hike to Stewart Falls. This is a hike that I'm quite sure my kids could handle. On this one, we ended up hiking alone. Most everyone else was starting at Sundance and taking the gondola up. But we had a babysitter and the gondolas don't start running until 10. We needed to be home by 11:30, so we opted to get started hiking sooner so we could get home.

Our second hike was to Shadow Lake. We drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon quite a ways until we reached Guardsman Pass. The leader had a complication and so some one else took charge and we ended up going a different way than the leader had planned for us. It was very steep going down for 3/4 of a mile. But beautiful. This hike was too hard for my kids. Maybe when they get older.