Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Most years we have SEP conferences on my birthday or at least my birthday week. (This year they are on Valentine's Day instead... today and tomorrow). So it was kind of nice to have my birthday land on a Saturday. I didn't have to work and was able to spend the day with my family. Alfredo took the girls and I out to breakfast. Then the girls went to their Valentine's Primary Activity. Then I did a tiny bit of housework and took a two hour nap!! That was wonderful. My sister Suzy came up and visited and we had ice cream cake. Then Suzy watched our girls for us (even having them practice violin and piano with her so I didn't have to supervise that) so Alfredo and I could go to dinner and a movie. We went to dinner at an Indian restaurant called the Spice Bistro. It was SOOO delicious. Then we saw The Hobbit. I really enjoyed it. I've read the book but only once and it has been a long time since I read it, and so I don't have strong memories of the book. So I really enjoyed the movie and felt like it was well done.

Alfredo gave me beautiful roses for my birthday. I told him not to get me anything because we are saving up for a couple of things... but he has never not bought me a gift and so I got these beautiful pink roses along with the ice cream cake.

I got so many nice birthday wishes by phone, on Facebook, and in person. It feels so wonderful to know that I have so many kind and thoughtful and caring people in my life. Aly made me three freezer meals so that I could use them on days that are particularly busy. I thought that was such a thoughtful and perfect gift. It truly was a wonderful day.

And I'm not dead yet! :) Check back in 3 years to make sure I survive that birthday, though!