Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kind Words

There is nothing like getting a new, big calling. I can't begin to describe the emotions I have felt over the past few weeks. I can begin to relate to Joseph Smith saying that his feelings were "often deep and poignant". One very nice thing has been the votes of confidence I have received from others in relation to this calling. So many people have told me that they think I will do a good job and that they consider me a compassionate person. I can think of so many people who seem better suited than me, but it helps to know that this calling comes from the Lord and to know that some of the people I know, love and respect believe I can do it.

Hi Jenny,
Just wanted to say congrats and condolences on your new calling. You will be awesome! I am always impressed by your ablility to juggle so many things and do them all well. I am also inspired by your compassion and empathy for others, so I know the Lord and the Bishop are on the same page on this one...Good luck!
P.S. Can I have your Primary class??? ;0) Jackie Simper

Laurel Hansen King: Did bishop make you get one (a cell phone) so he can incessantly text you and track your every move? Congrats, by the way. Or are my condolences more appropriate? You're going to be an excellent president;I'm really excited for the new presidency.

Rebecca Western: You will be an amazing RS President! You are a blessing to our ward!

Jill James: I agree with Rebecca Dunn Western, you're going to do an amazing job!!!!

Sara Draper Harding: I agree, Jen. I have already learned so much from your good example over the years. I'm so excited to get to learn more.

Jill James: I can only imagine how overwhelming it is, but remember you've got a great group of amazing ladies that are here to help you and serve.

Ana Gastelum Congratulations! New start with a new year! Tu puedes eres genial!

Michelle Reineccius Schumann This is exciting news Jennifer! You will be awesome!

Andrea Hess Strickland YAY!!! congrats jennifer!! you are such a great example of kindness and love!! im so happy for you!!

Suzy Bills
I love you, pray for you, and know that you'll be a good RS pres. with Heavenly Father's help. Don't feel bad about delegating work. It's what you're supposed to do.

Charity Johnson: I was so excited when they announced your new calling at church yesterday! You are going to be a fantastic relief society president!!!

Ione Pearce Horlacher
just wanted to congratulate you on your new calling... we will miss you in the primary. But I know you will be a great RS president.!!!

Carin Wiberg:
Dang it Jenny, you beat me to this! I've been planning to write you a note today, but waited til it was quiet.
I am SO sad to lose you as our sunbeams teacher (especially because my daughter will be in there ).

I always think that you would be so great in any calling, and so, I'm sure that you are going to be a wonderful RS president. Congratulations! I felt like my family was so blessed while I was lucky enough to serve there, and I bet you'll have similar experiences.