Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Opposite Day

Gabby goes to preschool at Write Start Preschool. Her teacher is the wonderful, Mrs. Barnett. I really only know Brandi from preschool...and since I've always had someone take my kids (Janene took Michelle and Ella, Aly takes Gabby), I guess I don't know her THAT well. But she has been a wonderful preschool teacher for my girls...they all love her. And we've been friends on Facebook and read each others' blogs for years now, so I feel like I know her pretty well. And I'm so thankful that she's been such a good teacher for all 3 of my kids.

Well, this past Thursday (Feb. 7) was Opposite Day since that week they were learning the letter O. They were allowed to wear their clothes backward or inside out or do anything that was opposite of what they normally do... But what Sofie and Gabby were thrilled to tell Aly and I was they could wear their underwear on their head. So Ella helped Gabby pick out some crazy clothes and put Gabby's pants on backward and her shirt inside out. She wore mismatched shoes and mismatched socks. And at our house, she wore her underwear on her head. As soon as we got in the car to go to Aly's, she decided not to wear them after all. (And since she didn't want her hair in pigtails under the underwear, when she took her underwear off, her hair was standing on end and looking much like Albert Einstein's hair. Ah well!)

Aly said that when she picked the girls up from preschool, Mrs. Barnett said, "Hello. Have a bad day." So I'm sure that it was a very fun, totally opposite day throughout preschool. So much fun!

Here are a few photos of Gabby at our house, ready for opposite day. (With the underwear still on her head).