Monday, February 11, 2013

Science Fair

Michelle participated in her first science fair two weeks ago. She was partners with her friend Jasmine. They completed their project over Christmas break and then Michelle assembled the board a couple of weeks ago. Their project was to test what happened when dry ice was added to different liquids: vegetable oil, milk, cold water, and hot chocolate. They recorded what happened. They thought there would be some kind of explosion (and there would be if this was done in a closed jar) but there were no explosions in their experiment. (Thank goodness! They did the experiment in my kitchen!) They found that the best reaction was in the hot created a lot of gas and a lot of bubbles. The milk also created a lot of bubbles (but no gas) and the water created a lot of gas. Nothing really happened when the dry ice was added to the oil. What is happening is sublimation...the dry ice is changing directly from a solid to a liquid. The warmer the liquid the faster the dry ice sublimates.

The school held a family night for us to see all of the fourth grade projects. They had to explain their project to judges, but no awards were given for the 4th grade was more a learning experience for all. They will be judged and awarded prizes in 5th and 6th grade.

Here is Michelle with her partner: