Monday, February 18, 2013

Fabulous Four

Sometimes Gabby uses language that is more sophisticated than the typical four year old or just not what you would expect a four year old to say.

For instance, when something bad happens to someone (such as her friend Sofie falling down and getting hurt), she will tell them "Oh, I feel for you." She will hug them and repeat those words. "I feel for you." She will then tell me about it later and say, "I feel for her." I really am not sure where she picked this up, but I love it.

Every Sunday, all of the Primary children go to see our wonderful Bishop. They tell him what they learned in Primary, and he gives them a candy. I love this, because it helps them to form a positive relationship with him and it makes them at least a little bit accountable to pay attention in church. Last year, Gabby would always just reply,"I learned about Jesus." Good answer, because usually Jesus was part of our discussions in our Sunbeam class, but I always wanted her to say more or to be more specific. Yesterday, I happened to listen in as she talked to the Bishop. She spoke softly, so I didn't hear everything. But she told the Bishop that she cried that day. He said he was sorry. She said she cried because she was sad that Jesus died and she loves Him. I love to see her sweet testimony growing and hear the way she expresses herself.

The Bishop's wife is her Primary teacher this year. She has a thick accent. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Bishop's house. His wife was telling me how smart Gabby is and how a couple of times Gabby has corrected her pronunciation of words. Yikes! I was embarrassed, but she said that Gabby is polite but explains the correct way to pronounce the words. She says she is very sweet but very smart.

Today she entertained my friend Brenda and I as she acted out and recited multiple nursery rhymes she has learned in preschool this year. I love listening to her and watching her talk. Not only does she have an interesting way of expressing herself, but she is so animated in her facial expressions. She can be difficult and stubborn at moments, but I love watching her explain things, tell me stories or figure things out. Four is such a fun age!