Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter baskets

While we try to do most of our secular celebrating on Saturday and leave Sunday to remember the Savior, the girls do get their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. This year the baskets were actually buckets. They got books. They got a few treats, including Peeps. I hate Peeps, but I guess the Easter Bunny figured the girls should get at least one chance to try them and decide if they like them. They each got a shirt and a journal (or in Gabby's case a writing tablet with big lines.). They also each got a webkinz which they were really thrilled about. And Michelle and Ella each received an Easter dress. Gabby received an Easter outfit. Aly had taken Gabby and Sofie shopping a few days ago and found an Easter dress for Sofie. Gabby really loved it so Aly bought one for Gabby too. So Gabs and her best friend were twins today. ;).

Gabby was SOOO happy to get some Pete the Cat books for Easter. She loves Pete the Cat. (I'm glad that the Easter bunny read her preschool teacher's post on Facebook that all the preschoolers LOVE Pete the Cat. It was/is quite a hit!)

Then we of course went to church and had wonderful meetings where the spirit was abundant.

Then we went to dinner at my aunt and uncle's house. They had hidden Easter eggs for my kids, so my kids got a second hunt. This time some of the eggs had money in them. Gabby was all about the money...she gave all the candy to me but cheered each time she opened an egg with change. She kept repeating, "I am rich!" $1.55 made a little girl very happy.

Sunday evening we held FHE. (Sundays just work so much better for me/us.). We watched a video about the Savior's resurrection and read part of John 20. We read a blog post from Daily Closer to Christ about Easter and Mary Magdalene. And we read Carol Heyer's book The First Easter.

Then I had my girls write in their new journals. It was a wonderful day.