Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My kiddos got journals for Easter. I have been thinking lately that I'd like them to be more consistent about writing in a journal. It's a good habit to have and it's a good way to practice writing as well as to record events, thoughts and feelings. So I've decided to devote 10-15 minutes to writing in our journals on Sunday. I won't be able to write in mine at that time...because Gabby is not an independent writer yet... but I want to help them establish this writing habit. ANd I know myself well enough to know that often I have good ideas that I start and then I get busy and they don't last. So I'm hoping that by posting it here, it will make me more accountable. We started this on Sunday. I let the girls write whatever they wanted about Easter.
Gabby asked me to draw Heavenly Father and Jesus for her and then I helped her to spell "Heavenly Father" and "Jesus" to label the pictures. They aren't very good drawings, but I have never claimed to be a great artist.