Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy 8th Birthday, Mirielle!

Our sweet Mirielle Ilana Panameno is 8 today! Oh how we love Ella! She is so sweet and cares deeply about others. She loves school, she loves Primary, and she is very excited to be baptized next Saturday.

For her birthday, our good friend Liz cut her hair on Saturday evening. It is quite short compared to how long it had been. But she looks darling.
Gabby totally photo bombed in this last picture.
Ella is becoming a very good reader and writer in both English and Spanish. She is becoming better and better at piano. Her teacher has only positive things to say about her behavior and citizenship, and she is becoming more and more responsible. She is so excited to be able to attend achievement days with Michelle now.
For Ella's birthday, I made scones (Indian Fry Bread) for breakfast. We traditionally go out to dinner on the actual birthday, so we went to Sonic for dinner. The girls enjoyed their food and the Sonic we went to has a small playground so that was a highlight. Ella took cupcakes to school (I had to run to 2 stores at 6:30 this morning! I ran to a Smiths around the corner...but they only had one package of I had to go to another store in a hurry to make it home in time to get us all ready for school/work. How I love that girl! She was worth the sacrifice.)
We also had cake this evening. Of course, Michelle had to shove her face into the cake ...another family tradition.

Here are a few things about Ella at 8:
Her favorite food is Oreo cake.
Her favorite place to go is Disneyland.
Her favorite book is Sisters Grimm.
Her favorite Primary song is The Sacred Grove. (She also really likes If the Savior Stood Beside Me, which is what she asked be played at her baptism.)
Her favorite scripture story is Daniel and the Lion's Den.
Her favorite thing to do is play Minecraft on the i-pad.
One thing she thinks is especially great about her is she's nice to her sisters (most of the time).
She likes Primary because it's really fun.