Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter fun

We had loads of fun celebrating the secular side of Easter on Saturday. We decorated eggs. This year we used kook-aid to dye the eggs. It worked well and smelled good. The only downside was I thought I bought some blue....but the package I thought was blue was actually a dark our eggs are red, pink and orange colors. I had read online that if you wrap rubber bands around the egg then you get cool designs...except I didn't have rubber bands. I tried one with the girl's hair elastics. They were hard to position, but it did turn out pretty cool. We also drew on some of the eggs with crayon which made fun designs.

I baked the yummiest Almond Joy oatmeal cookies. They are so YUMMY. The recipe came from here at Sweet Treats and More.
I wasn't sure my kids would like them because they don't like almond Joy candy bars, but they have happily helped me eat them. So. Very. Good. I haven't made cookies in months, but now that spring break is here, I am more relaxed and have more free time.

The girls painted Easter paintings.

We had an Easter egg hunt in the front yard.

We went to a BBQ. The girls even got to fly a kite thanks to a nice stranger.

The kids played outside for several hours. I even sat outside watching Gabby ride her scooter and trike and reading a book for close to an hour. It was the most relaxing day I have had in months.