Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kindergarten Program/Last Days of School

Gabby's last day of kindergarten was the day before the rest of us got out.  I got someone to cover my class so I could go to Gabby's end of the year program.  Of all the bad luck, there was a train as I was on my way to her I was about 10 minutes late for the program.  That stunk!   But I saw Gabby sing two songs.  And her friend/classmate, Shaye, sang a solo of "Let it Go."  

 Gabby's Spanish teacher was in the hospital with pneumonia, so unfortunately, we didn't get a picture with her.  But here Gabby is with her beloved English teacher, Mrs. Dunn.  The girls gave each of their teachers a gift card to Jamba Juice and a box of strawberries with a note that said "You're the berry best."
 Gabby with her friend Marissa.
 Gabby with her principal, Ms. Edward.  She loves Ms. Edward!
 My baby girl is going to first grade.  She did very well in kindergarten.  She didn't always like it...Spanish was challenging for her, but she did very well.  She had all S's in citizenship (all 3 girls had all S's), and she had all 2's (on grade level) and 3's (above grade level) on her report card.  I talked to her Spanish teacher on the Friday before school ended.  Mrs. Garcia got teary eyed as she told me that Gabby went from hardly speaking a word in Spanish to being able to read a level 4 in Spanish fluently and being able to tell her what it was Spanish.
 The next day was the last day for the other two girls (and for me!!  I may have been even more excited than the girls were!)   Here is Michelle with her teacher, Mrs. Woodring.  She had been nervous to go into Mrs. Woodring's class...she thought she was going to be very strict.  But Michelle ended up really loving her class.  She also had all S's in citizenship and mostly 2's and one 3 on her grades.
 And here is Ella with her third grade teacher, Mr. Gosain.   She also had a great year.  I am thankful for such great teachers who have worked so hard to help my children be successful in two languages.  Ella also did very well...all S's in citizenship and 2's and 3's on grades.
 One thing Jana (Ms. Edward) has done since she became the principal this year is add inspiring quotes around the school.  Most of them are done with vinyl lettering on the walls.  On the last day of school, I noticed this hanging above the library door.  I hadn't seen it before...the girls said it was fairly new.   It says, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  --Nelson Mandela"  I love that there are inspiring quotes around their school.  Jackson has been such a great school for my children.  We are most likely sending Michelle to our local elementary school next year, Hunter, and it is with very mixed feelings that I contemplate having her leave Jackson.  It has been a great place for my children to go to school and learn and grow and become bilingual and biliterate.