Friday, June 6, 2014

Museum of Curiosity

On Friday, May 23, my parents were in town. My mom, stepdad, Aunt Elaine, my grandpa, my sister Suzy, my kids and I all went to the Museum of Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. It was our first time going, and it is awesome! My kids had such a great time. There's a section devoted to water and weather. You could feel what it likes to have strong winds blow on you. You can add or remove blades on a fan to see what creates the biggest wind. There are water tables and other activities.

In another section, you learn about the rain forest and rain forest animals. My girls especially loved trying to hang upside down like a's harder than it looks! You can try to squeeze like a snake, hop like a frog, compare your weight to various rain forest animals, and so on. Another section is like a small city, with a bank, stores, library, music studio (my favorite) and other buildings.

My girls had such a great time and have been eager to go back. I somehow didn't take any pictures of everyone else that came with us...I had a sinus infection and wasn't feeling well...a lousy way to spend my weekend... especially with family in town, but we had a great time at the museum.