Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Why I Like Lagoon Better Than Disneyland

I know, I know.  No one likes Lagoon better than Disneyland.  Probably not really me, either.  But I am not an amusement park person.  Rides tend to make me sick.  And on our only trip to Disneyland, I didn't have a cell phone yet and at one point the girls and I got separated from Alfredo for what felt like forever.  It made me very anxious.  So while Disneyland was magical, it was also very stressful for me.

So here's what I like about Lagoon:
1.  It's much closer to home.  No long drive to get to Lagoon.
2.  We get in for free (once a year) for Alfredo's company Lagoon Day.  Free to go to Lagoon, very expensive to go to Disneyland.
3.  On the days we went to Disneyland, it was very busy.  Long lines and long waits for most of the rides.  At Lagoon, the lines were mostly pretty short.  Many of the rides, we walked right on.  Michelle and Alfredo rode Wicked three times.  Michelle was able to ride Collossus and the other rides she likes.  Ella and Gabby were able to ride all of the rides they like.
4.  Lagoon has a water park.  It's nice to cool off on a hot day.
5.  The biggest reason that Lagoon is fun is that on the company day, we have a lot of friends there at Lagoon.  The girls have friends to go on rides with.  Alfredo and I can easily split up...he can ride the roller coasters with friends and with Michelle.  I can stay with the younger girls.  Throughout the day, we see and talk to and enjoy time with friends.
6.  Every year, at the luncheon, there are drawings.  One of the prizes is a huge propane grill.  Two years ago, Alfredo's name was drawn and we won that wonderful grill.  This year, his name was drawn again....another grill was ours.  We actually used the money toward a dishwasher.  Our dishwasher hasn't worked for at least two years now.  So now, we have a dishwasher that is not named Jenny or Alfredo (or Michelle or Ella or Gabby).  I used it for the first time today. It was wonderful!

Because Michelle spent most of the day with Alfredo, I didn't get very many pictures of her at Lagoon.  But she loved it!  So while I know Lagoon is not as great as Disneyland, it is less stressful for me.